I recently gave a Pecha-Kucha Presentation on PDCA (Scientific Method adapted to LEAN).

I liked the way this presentation style really forces you to be precise and deliver the real message, it took ages to produce for such a small presentation time, this I guess is the point, i.e. deliver maximum value in the shortest time period.

The content blends my recent ramblings based on the “trousers of reality” book as well as a few other insights.

The exercise has given me an insight into how I would like to structure a book on this subject, pictures one side and words on the other, all forming a Koan - Practical “how to’s” at the end - Need to work more on this.

You can find the raw material here (note in terms of the slides, the first slide was triggered on a mouse click, the remainder on a twenty second timer - The last slide filled a question and answer section - I stuck to the “rules”).

I can supply a power-point version (on request), also I have higher resolution images available.

SoftwareCosmos_Presentation_Notes and SoftwareCosmos_Presentation_Slides