This blog has been left untended :( its taken me 7 years to face making an update. So much has changed since my last post that it doesn’t surprise me I have neglected pouring random rubbish into the ether! I have had odd health issues, people have died, I was made redundant, lost all hope then found an amazing but demanding job which I have been in for 5 years.

I’m now in a place where I can restart, I have moved the blog host and intend to fix some old code, put up some new, and use it as a place to drive my goal of finishing a children’s book - Probably through odd mentions of it without too much of a reveal, so cover the process not the product. Doubt anyone reads this, if they do then the lack of commenting ability or a way to reach me is a slight issue, one which is next on my list to address! I also note, my last post was on Scottish independence and it looks like we might be heading that way again, so may-be a new song and video is also due.