Note: I wrote moo before github was really available - I’m working on a new version (as of 2015) and this version will be properly hosted.


“Moo” is a tool aimed at helping agile projects run colour coded, activity time-line based agile retrospectives (see references for detail).

By providing a simple means to log events, it replaces the need to stimulate memories of what happened during the increment of work (typically an iteration).

This allows more events to be captured and therefore not lost in the midst of time. Clicking on either image will expand the thumbnail:



Getting Moo

Moo is a web-based application written using Ruby on Rails.

Currently I use git for revision control (an experiment more than a life choice). Note: If you are finding the download slow (or can’t be bothered with git) you can get the release here


Windows support for git isn’t that great at present, but to get the source you only need to pull, so install msysgit

At the time I used version 1.6.2, Linux carriage returns and just GIT bash

Open up GIT bash, change (cd) into the folder you wish Moo to live in i.e. git will make a new folder in this one (named moo).


If you do not have ‘git’

sudo apt-get install git-core

Get the source

At the shell (or GIT bash) type:

git clone --depth=1 git://

This will clone the current head into a folder “moo” in your current working directory. I recommend the depth argument as moo has quite a bit of history and you may find the download hangs otherwise.

The file moo/README contains detailed set-up instructions


Section 5.1: Agile Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great