Search is L-Mode

Current search engines replicate L-Mode thinking - Linear and logical. I type in “pie” and I get things directly associated with the search term. Practical, but dull!

Ruby Port of TinyMud (WIP!)

It started with a conversation in a pub (don’t most things?) related to porting “old” code to newer languages. With my interest in TinyMud I decided to take on the challenge of porting the original c-code to Ruby.

Historical dates from purchase price

Routinely purchase prices total to an important/note-worthy historical date, e.g. £10.66. I would therefore like till receipts, or tills themselves (to save paper) to recount an interesting historical fact based on the sum total to pay. “Oh, did you know on this date X happened”…

Synchronizing ruby threads with a shared queue

Whilst working on improving Poodle’s crawler I ran into a nasty problem. I had multiple threads all producing and consuming content from a shared “queue”.

Poodle is now on github