Moo on Git (finally)

I finally got hold of an svn dump of moo from my hosted svn repository, migrated it to git and pushed it up to the slice - It’s almost ready for its version one release!

TinyMud Lives Again!

After an evening of re-remembering ‘c’ and fighting gcc warnings it ran! Seeing the text appear took me back a few years to times of playing text adventures.

Planning a TinyMud party on the slice

I’m getting back into AD&D at the minute as I have decided to write a simple role playing game for my daughter (age 6). I love role playing and reckon it might be a way for me to blend fun with maths teaching! Anyway I digress.

git on a non standard ssh port - finally resolved

Another few hours of head-banging - All my own fault though. So I’m setting up gitosis, all went well up to the point of cloning the gitosis admin repository on my local machine - The command failed with a “connection closed by remote host error”. After yesterday and my run in with scp I quickly spotted it was trying to use ssh port 22 - I have moved my port.

scp sensitive to port argument parameters

At some point during setting up the slice I failed to scp into it. At the time I survived, using wget etc. This evening I returned to the issue. Well after nearly 2 hours of completely wasted searching I eventually got to the bottom of the problem (under Ubuntu Hardy if it helps). Basically, I had moved my ssh port and needed to specify the new address, I was using something along the lines of: