The festivities are over and a new year starts.

Coding wise my mind maps from the web project has sucked away too much time, but has been really enjoyable. I think I will play with it over time, might go somewhere might not.

I have decided to complete getting “moo” out of the door as quickly as I can, given I run a repository on hosted projects - I might just keep on using it for now, rather than switch over to the slice (thus delaying my git/svn decision).

Toker, my (Tok)en manag(er) tool is also getting some updates, hopefully I can also get this released to the world, at some point. The rails code is terrible - It was the first thing I ever wrote with the framework. I even have someone collaborating on this!

In general I’m quite looking forward to this year. From a nerd point of view my slice host account is running, I have some applications to give to the world (whether it wants it or not!) and there are tons of things I want to try out and code.

My coding resolution is to have a successfull collaboration on something!