My automated mind-mapping tool (Tangential) is now mostly usable (caveats below).

Please have a play and tell me what you think, just click here (2015 - Note that as a result of API changes with the search provider this tool has been disabled, I will consider getting it running again, at some point :-)).

  • You click a text box to fire off a new association (the word changes colour until mapping is complete)
  • Words presented are drawn randomly from a large set of possible words, so run it again and other results will appear. This is the one area I need to play with, suspect showing all available words might be better - Feedback appreciated on this aspect.
  • The graphical presentation of words is poor (they sometimes overlap and can be hard to read - Although I have made improvements in this area)
  • It’s likely to blow-up - This is not guaranteed to be stable!

Again feedback appreciated.