Fun with Solr and Ruby on Rails

I have been researching search tools for our Intranet/enterprise, after looking at Nutch, MS search server 2010 (express) and plenty of others I decided to write my own, why? A fair question, basically they all had something not quite right about them, varying from rubbish web-front ends to an inability to authenticate with NTLM or go through proxies. Lastly, I thought it would be fun!

At the weekend I built a ladder!

Just goes to show how little programming I have done of late… At the weekend I built a ladder (picture below), it’s wonky but functional (like my code)! With Autumn closing in I feel the urge to get back coding, hopefully the next post will be more interesting…

Recycled Trash Tower Games

We are lazy with our recycling, it builds up in the kitchen and has now become a cheap and fun game of balancing (can I add “x” without the tower collapsing), a possible new kind of world record type and a constant irritation as bits fall off in the “breeze”.

Creating a single movie/video from a mix of static images and movies

Recently I needed to create a script to make a single movie from static images and existing movie files. I hacked this together with ruby, ffmpeg and ImageMagick. Note, it will function under windows with little code change.

Downloading YouTube videos with Ruby

Note this is a very old post, I suspect this doesn’t work anymore!