Rendering Mind Maps (from the web) with Processing (Part 2)

I’m almost at the point where my mind-mapping tool is running in processing. Apart from speed issues (related to pulling and parsing web-pages) its actually quite interesting to use. Having the ability to click on a node and branch off makes a big difference over the original version.

The Joy of ChucK

I have been off in a weird world ever since I decided to launch some “spangly information radiators” in the office.

Rendering Mind Maps with Processing

Given informal and positive comments about my automatic “mind map” experiments I have decided to write a Java applet demonstrator.

Spangly Information Radiators

I’m going to push for the company to purchase some wireless photo-frames. These would make really cool information radiators for the office.

Grandad and the marrow

I make this story up each time I tell it to my 6-year old, this is rough and from memory. Feel free to adapt! If you like it then Grandad and the sticky tape might well be published!