Agile should be more than just project management?

I have read the books and worked in “agile” teams. I can see the simple (lean) roots and the reason for change, but something has started to niggle me. The “agile” mantra is fundamentally about project management . I have seen little to persuade me that software engineering as a practice has gone through the same paradigm shift.

Moo 1.0 Released

Finally Moo is released, see: Moo for installation instructions. Please leave comments related to the release here. Enjoy!

World Wide Dustbin

Change the recycle bin so that when its emptied the content is distributed randomly to other people’s recycle bins. Would need an opt in scheme and some filters - Total mayhem, content keeps increasing.

Moo on Linux (finally)

Finally (after an evening of installing packages) Moo appeared on Linux! Feel like I’m making real head way now. Just a few tickets to pick up and complete. This baptism of fire will ease Toker 2.0 when it gets a make-over.

Twitter applied to Mash Up's?

What if we made a messaging system for code based on something like Twitter (might even be possible to use it?).