Been distracted (writing a survey tool in rails)

Needed to run a survey within the department. Our usual off-site tool was unavailable so I just spent an evening or two writing a simple rails based survey tool. It’s not great but it is functional. Again I’m being diverted from getting moo out the door. Still I learnt a few things on the way - Should put it up in case anyone would find it of use.

Coding resolution

The festivities are over and a new year starts.

Mind Maps from the Web

Take a search term “seed”. Pass it to a search engine: Google, Yahoo etc. Examine the content of the top “n” results for “themes”, take each theme and repeat the search - Hey presto you get a “mind map” from the web.


A tool for testing visualization software on the glass - i.e. software with views which have custom content and complex associated mouse behaviour and interactions.