Pecha-Kucha Presentation on PDCA

I recently gave a Pecha-Kucha Presentation on PDCA (Scientific Method adapted to LEAN).

Idea: Wiki based IDE's

Idea for the day, why not use a wiki as an integrated development environment (IDE)?

Deep Structure & The Scientific Method

I have updated my original deep structure thoughts to incorporate the scientific method (or the similar concept of Plan, Do, Check, Act). The diagram aims to show why LEAN in particular thrives across the enterprise, rather than within just teams - It works with the whole and ensures process is part of the routine reflection and change cycle.

TinyMud - Islandia: Running

A while back I spoke about running a TinyMud party.

Deep Structure

Over the Christmas break I read the trousers of reality, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The most interesting part for me was the chapter on deep structure. Inspired by this I produced my interpretation (a series of sketches) which in some way I see as almost mapping out the whole book (see below).